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1:1 Marketing Consultations

What I can do for you:

I offer 1:1 consultations to help you develop and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy that meets your specific business needs. This can focus on your business, or specific advice and guidance on a range of digital marketing strategies, such as SEO, Content Creation & Meta Advertising skills.  

Do you ever get tired of seeing ALL these different marketing courses online, saying they are the best one to do, so you sign up and work through a little bit but never actually implement it, because it was not really relevant to you? This is exactly why I created my 1:1 Marketing Consultations. I found many businesses just want to learn a quick snippet of information at the time, that is relevant to their business specifically and they can run their own ideas past someone in real time. If this sounds like you - I recommend booking in a call with me. It can either be over the phone or via Zoom. The topics can cover whatever you want and need to ask or talk about with regards to marketing. You will finish the call with recommendations, validated ideas and concepts you can implement immediately to start promoting your business online! 

1:1 Marketing Consultations

These services can be purchased individually or ongoing for an agreed amount of time, depending on your needs and budget.

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Basic SEO


1 Hour 1:1 Consultation

Review of your socials and website

Tips & Tricks of SEO

Basic level SEO guidance for you to implement.

Learn how to implement it, where to implement it, and WHY! 

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1:1 Marketing Consultation


2 Hour 1:1 Consultation

Review of your socials and website

Tips & Tricks on your content

How to gain better marketing traction

Anything in particular you wish to review or learn

Any recommendations or pitfalls I can see and suggest working on or changing

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Digital Health Check


Analysis of your website

Analysis of your Socials
Analysis of your Google Business Listing

Actionable recommendations for improvements

Ideas, tips & tricks to improve your online presence

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